Hottest Recruiting Trend

As recruiting becomes a more competitive field, implementing new, creative strategies is essential to find the best talent. One strategy recruiters are using more are employee referrals. Research shows referred hires tend to be more productive and have a lower turnover rate. We have found in executive search that your network needs to be strong and constantly managed. For employers, a lot of time and resources can be sucked out of their core business by trying to focusing on managing their professional networks. Our firm helps solve this problem by integrating our network and yours to attract referrals and those 2nd connection professionals. 

Marketing in the recruitment process has become a very important strategy. Candidate journey through the interview and hiring stages reflects tremendously about the company's culture and operations. We find that content, communication, and cadence are crucial to the executive search process to keep candidates engaged, while also attracting the best professional for an organization.

Companies are beginning to use more collaborative hiring methods to develop a strong team culture, and bringing others into the decision making process allows for different opinions and points of view. Executive search hinges on bringing many decision makers into the fold, while setting a standard and gradable interview and hiring process.

Artificial Intelligence is a greatly helping executive search firms and companies increase their recruitment efficiency, and it also allows to reduce biases in the recruitment process. Chapel Hill Solutions stays on top of modern technology, and we judicially work with applications that aid our recruitment process rather than outsourcing it altogether. At the end of the day, recruitment needs a human touch being such a person-centered business.

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